Cranberry Adventures

About a week ago I was at Sprouts perusing the fruit aisles for some deals on fresh fruits because I realized that my fruit intake recently has mainly been from baked goods like cakes and fruit croissants. Well…I wouldn’t exactly call that healthy fruit consumption…so I decided that I would change that and get some genuinely fresh fruits! While at Sprouts, I stumbled upon a $1 deal for a bag of fresh cranberries and excitedly purchased them because I have NEVER had fresh cranberries before. As soon as I got home, I tore the bag and stuffed those cranberries in my mouth. I am not sure what I was expecting, but those cranberries sure found their way OUT of my mouth quickly. Tart? No. Juicy? No. Bitter? Yes. Bland? Yes. Cranberries are berries right? Then why do they taste so disgusting? I had to salvage these 6 cups worth of cranberries somehow. The quick and easy and really, the only solution I considered to my nasty cranberry issue was of course…to bake them! In a cake!


Don’t they look so good and tasty?! I was deceived because they were anything but.

Off to the internet I went to find a simple, yummy sounding cranberry cake recipe. I found Joy the baker’s (she mah faveeee) Cranberry Coffee Cake recipe which seemed easy enough. But because I don’t have a 9×13 in. pan (and didn’t have enough cranberries anyway), I altered the recipe and used 3/4 portion and divided the batter into a 9 in. round pan and 6 in. round pan. Just some simple math. It was really not that complicated at all. Trust. And it used up my 3 cups of cranberries perfectly!

This batter was really yummy (it was because of the butter and brown sugar) and the crumble swirled into batter. Such a great idea! Joy really knows what she’s doing.

I cut a slice while it was still semi hot and it tasted so good! My mom brought some to her work and we shared some with family (because we always have too much baked goods at our home) and it was suchhhh a hit! It was such a hit that it’s been requested for Thanksgiving :) I guess I have to go buy more cranberries now! There was one problem though…I never got my fresh fruit fix :/ But at least I got cake!


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