‘Tis the Season For Merry and Plentiful Baking

One small dream of mine is to someday host my own Thanksgiving dinner party. I’m talking about an all-out, extravagant Thanksgiving meal from appetizers down to the dessert. I love Thanksgiving food. I really really do. It’s not specific dishes that I love, but the marriage of all the different, typical Thanksgiving dishes all piled together on one plate–the tartness of the cranberry sauce atop a juicy piece of turkey with some garlic, buttery mashed potatoes on the side and some green beans with a bit of crispy french fried onions. I love the combination of these flavors, and I truly look forward to the day when I’ll own my own home and be the hostess of my own Thanksgiving dinner party and the cook that everyone gets to thank and praise for the delicious food (because it IS gonna be ridiculously delicious). But until that day comes, I will happily consume Thanksgiving food prepared by someone else’s hands, and continue to be the designated dessert maker!

This year I was asked to make the Cranberry Coffee Cake from my previous post, but I decided that it wasn’t enough. I’m not about to waste an opportunity to try one of the countless recipes I’ve bookmarked/pinterested/googlereaderstarred now, was I? Nope! Since my mom doesn’t like pumpkin, I decided to make Joy the Baker’s Salted Caramel Cheesecake Pie, which I found starred on my Google reader. I’ve been wanting to make a pie for so long, and considered making a cheesecake, and since I love caramel…voila!

Um yes, that caramel was of perfectly viscous consistency and because there’s a tad bit of salt in there, it had an added depth to it and wasn’t too sweet!

Ze final product, instagrammed with some stray eggs on the side for the cranberry coffee cake and an empty glass that is not even mine.

Confession: it is unnatural for me to take pictures of my baking/cooking process. It’s such a hassle/burden to stop what I’m doing just to snap a few photos of each step because when I cook or bake, I’m in the freaking zone and I just GO. But for the sake of this blog, I will try to. But for now, just end product pictures.

Also, my Thanksgiving food frenzy did not end when I food coma-ed last Thursday night. It continued throughout the weekend because my favorite social activity is…eating! Since plenty of friends were in town, I got to share some lovely meals with some great people!

ImageThis right here may have been my favorite discovery of the weekend–a macaron ice cream sandwich dipped in white chocolate from Milk, a Yelp-popular dessert & small meal joint in Los Angeles! The concept was much better than the taste. The macaron was just okay, and the white chocolate made it way too sweet, but the blueberry ice cream is muy bueno! I’ve been to Milk plenty of times (read my Yelp review ;)) and I’d have to say that it’s definitely overhyped but their ice cream is good! Also, beware: the consumption of their famous blue velvet cake yields green fecal matter.

I also shipped off some sugar cookies to my old dance group (Abba Modern) last week for their Thanksgiving party. Sugar cookies are my favorite excuse to decorate food, which is honestly why I chose to make ’em :) Mixing colors is so fun! Image

I love this time of the year because there’s plenty of reasons and occasions to bake and cook! Thus I deem it, the season for merry and plentiful baking! Yay! I’m already stockpiling my Christmas cookie recipes! :)


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