Why Are You My Eclairity?

This has been SUCH an amazing weekend for numerous reasons: dear friends visiting from San Diego and thus a mini college apartment reunion/waffle birthday party part 2, testifying about God’s goodness in my life at church, laughter and quotable moments over dim sum and a two-hour, high energy karaoke session (“Clarity”, “Crazy in Love” and Story of my Life” were definite standouts). Oh and I made these lovely eclairs here! I used the recipe found in the Bouchon bakery cookbook.

DSC_0017-3 I topped them with things I found in my kitchen such as: sprinkles, peanut brittle, candied pecans, and toasted shredded coconut (not pictured). They were delicious! The hardest part about making them was piping the eclairs onto the baking sheet, but I will nail that down with practice and the right piping tips.

Oh and I also learned that the bottom half of my oven gets extremely hot…and thus burned these babies right here. But it’s okay because I love learning from these mistakes!

Overall, it’s been such a great weekend filled with my favorite people and activities. My heart is so full of joy and I just can’t help but be so thankful for the blessed life I live!

Hope you all have a wonderful week!