Hello, San Francisco!

Greetings, friends! My apologies for the temporary absence! It’s been a rather busy few months filled with job developments, moving into a new home and exploring my new city . Moving to San Francisco is definitely a significant change that has taken a lot of adjustment and energy, but paired with all the other new things…all I can say is that life is chaotic right now! Though I’m still very much in transition, I didn’t want this blog to be totally neglected. Since I’m very much a visual person, I thought I’d share about my life through pictures!

IMG_2715 I work for a gluten-free, organic granola company called Nana Joes based in the Dogpatch district of San Francisco. I help make, package and sell the best granola ever and sometimes bake delicious goodies like the ones pictured above with some amazingly talented and wonderful coworkers :)

IMG_2716 Cranberry pistachio orange biscotti that I made for Nana Joes’ pastry program!

The view from the Ferry Building Farmers market, where I work every Saturday.

Oh the delicious food that can be found at the Farmers Market!

And the beautiful flowers, among other things.

The gorgeous St. Anne’s Church found on the corner of Funston and Judah that always lets me know that I’m almost home. On the very same corner is also where the N-line stops. The N has become my dear friend and primary means of transportation to and from work, and almost every other place in the city!

I’ve also been getting acquainted with the Inner Sunset neighborhood, where I discovered a farmers market not too far from where I live. Ever since I started working at the Ferry Building Farmers Market, I always get excited at the sight of beautiful, fresh, local produce. I’ve been trying to eat only organic produce and it honestly has not been that hard! Might I also add that it’s much fresher and more delicious buying directly from farmers, not to mention fun!
My most recently acquired bounties. Everything was phenomenal!

San Francisco is a really beautiful city that I am blessed to live in. As tough as any transition is, waking up and knowing that I live in one of the best cities in the world makes everything better :) Oh and sweet treats like Tartine’s bread pudding below also help!